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Hospitality & Tourism Solutions (HTS Group) provides all-inclusive solutions for businesses operating in tourism and hospitality industry such as Mystery Guest, Branding, Training, Recruitment, and Consulting Services. Our consultants, locals and foreigners, with professional knowledge and market comprehension ensure to maximize the profitability and investment efficiency for clients.

It’s your job to find and grow ready-now and ready-next leaders, make powerful leadership decisions, and navigate global complexity. It’s our passion to help you confidently build a framework for success through the science and practice of leadership strategy, selection, development, and succession management.


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Message from our CEO

We have always been mentioning about “innovative thinking”. However, in reality, thoughts about tourism human resources have not been able to get out of the old-fashioned mindset, which we received from the rusty education system. Overall, those empirical thinking, advanced thinking, and visual thinking are all derived from the dogmatic and rational thinking. The diversity and movement of tourism cannot simply be perceived by dogmatic thinking. And rational thinking cannot truly view the multidimensionalism and unity of elements within the entity of tourism.

Tourism entity is assembled by 5 elements including tourism administrative offices, tourism experts, training institutes, learners, and tourism enterprises. There must be a tight-knit relationship and interdependence among these factors. For simple circumstances which involve only one element, we can easily look into the causes and then solutions based on linear thinking. Nevertheless, tourism is … view more