Training and Development

We distinguish ourselves in the market by delivering our clients perfect solutions which are tailored to their needs and current operational situations.

We create tremendous values by creating impact in cognitive performance as well as helping increase work efficiency of human resources and sustainable development of the business through a complete process from training needs assessment, training program design, training, support, and performance measurement.

We are experts on hospitality and tourism industry. We provide training programs, in-depth and practical, to help individuals, groups, or organizations achieve their goals. We aim to convey knowledge and experience in the industry to help learners apply and reap the maximum benefit from the training.

We have been launching a wide range of comprehensive and sustainable programs to develop the workforce for 8 years such as:

❶ Hospitality E-learning Portal  |  An e-learning system to develop the industrial human resources.

❷ Hospitality One-stop Development  |  A professional program of internship management at international 5 star hotel chains.

❸ International Hospitality Institute  |  Institute for Tourism and Hospitality sector.