Vietnam Hospitality Network

As a social enterprise, Vietnam Hospitality Network is a pioneer in conjunction with international and local partners in developing an ecosystem which is designed to support and nourish senior human resources in Service, Tourism, and Hospitality industry.

We CREATE a Multi-dimensional Interactive Platform (Manpower – School – Enterprise – Expert – National Tourism Administrative Organization) where all members have an opportunity to DEVELOP their career orientation & vision, IMPROVE operational skills & experience, and DEVELOP business & career opportunities:

Hoteliers Vietnam  |  The program of “Developing high-quality Human Resources for Vietnam’s Tourism and Hospitality industry

❷ Hospitality Talk  |  Series of Talk, Workshops and Conferences on Hospitality and Tourism

Innovation Land of Tourism  |  Innovation Land of Tourism

❹ International Hospitality Career Forum  |  International Career & Manpower Forum on Service, Tourism and Hospitality sectors